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Your present and future customers are on interpersonal media.
Are you meeting them there?

Social media should be a component of every brand’s marketing mix.

There’s a major change in time spent online and several smart marketers are catching up to it. In 2016, it was reported that 30 percent of the time spent online was on social media stations. This trend is growing with media platforms constantly incorporating features and capabilities to capture perspective time from users.

With your customers in your mind media management is essential. With your future customers in your mind media marketing is a huge opportunity.

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69% of adult Americans are now social networking users

Why you will need a social media agency?

If your company now manages social media in house, the probability is your social networking marketer is overwhelmed with competing priorities, held back by lack of creative and not able to keep up with the demand of both management and marketing.   Just looking at the number of platforms you can find available–Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Snapchat, Tumblr–one can hardly anticipate your small in-house operation may keep up with the constantly changing digital advancements in social media marketing.

And that is precisely why you will need a media agency staff. We can help by fully managing media channels to your brand or by supplementing your efforts.

Many little businesses nowadays trust their social media efforts to millennial novices and while it may be simple to post and make advertisements, are they driven by a strategy with common goals, posting in your new voice and up to speed on Facebook and other recommendations? Or are you putting yourself in harm’s way by allowing non-experts to share sensitive articles which may result in lawsuits? Play it safe and hope the pros!

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Clients convert in a 129% higher speed when societal media is a portion of the buyer’s journey

Why outsource your societal media management and/or marketing into CMDS?

In CMDS, we pride ourselves on our capacity to bridge the difference between a new goals and their audience interactions to make a powerful connection. We’ve got a group of experienced marketing professionals and creative directors who are in touch with current and new trends, who are nimble and can curate exciting and engaging articles quickly. As a social media agency, we’ve got a proven recipe for powerful social media campaigns. What exactly are you waiting for?

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Why others maintain choosing CMDS because
their societal networking agency?

  • In-house social media strategists
  • In-house sociable media manager
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • In-house imaginative staff with expertise in designing social media images, animations, videos
  • Tracking & Analytics
  • Custom reporting and analysis
  • We’ll listen to and understand your audience
  • We’ll create a customized strategy for your brand on every social media station
  • We’ll add character and a breath of new air
  • We’ll produce awesome content, images, movies
  • We’ll boost engagement prices, page enjoys and followers
  • We’ll drive brand awareness, conversions and deliver on your end targets

“Our webpage like effort has increased page lovers by 180% in a month. Really satisfied with results!”

“It’s a pleasure working with the CMDS team. They are aware of what they are doing and they do it well.”

“Facebook advertisements have driven over $60,000 in earnings for a fifth of the investment.”

What exactly are you waiting for?

When it is social media management or societal networking promotion, our marketing agency can help you grow your presence, build your reputation and bring new clients.

Some frequently asked questions:

Why does content matter for social media marketing?

As a social media marketing agency, we believe that content plays an essential function. Social media is all about the content you decide to share with the planet. And in a saturated, overwhelming electronic space like social media platforms, even if your content isn’t engaging enough to your audience, you can overlook any success. It requires a little thought, creativity, smarts and understanding your audience nicely to have the ability to create precious, exciting articles that will resonate with your target clients.

Why does authenticity matter for social media marketing?

As experienced social media professionals, we have seen many approaches a brand will take. One of all, authenticity is the key to building loyalty and trust with your audience. Remaining true to your brand’s mission is a guaranteed route to maintaining and growing a loyal customer base.

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