KPIs to Monitor Content Marketing in Social Networking

Here is a guest post by Z. Eren Kocyigit (BA Economics, MA Finance, Ph.Dc Marketing), a Marketing Thinker (as an Academician and Lecturer) and Doer (as a Marketing Director/Consultant). He’s been giving High Technology Marketing Management Films and Mobile E-business Marketing and Internet Marketing at Bahcesehir University and Bilgi University. His key research areas are Marketing (Digital, Mobile, and Social Media Marketing). He functioned as marketing and business development specialist at Turkey’s one of the banking also in Turkey, among leading digital/mobile tech business in Tikle as product management, marketing and business development manager. Since 2012 he has been providing mentorship training and consultancy services to brands in sectors.

`’You can not maximize what you Cannot measure”

According to We’re Social’s most recent report, you’ll find just two billion active social networking accounts worldwide. Yes, this amount is enormous, but since total population is about 7.2, in addition, it means that there will be billions of more lively reports later on.


Social networking marketing becomes a priority tool for marketers due to expectations and both the current numbers for its future. When networking marketing is the issue marketing approach

1. Content marketing strategy: includes content marketing campaigns conducted via social networks
2. Paid marketing strategy: includes advertisements through interpersonal networks

In order to be successful in both strategies, certain measures must be followed closely.   For social media content marketing strategy these are the following:

For societal networking paid marketing strategy the following measures could be followed closely:
 In both strategies ‘tracking & maximizing & measuring’ are extremely crucial for marketers. To monitor   content promotion strategy in media the metrics could be pursued:

1. Growing Metrics: Growth metrics allow the marketer to monitor the change in the amount of fans/followers. They display the quantity of fans or followers’ development over a time frame for competitors that are different.

2. Engagement Metrics: These metrics reveal marketers the interaction degree of their clients with their titles. These metrics consist of exceptional engaged users and rate.

SocialMediaMetrics Source:

Quintly measures an speed for Facebook by the sum of stocks, enjoys and opinions divided by a page’s posts. The speed for Twitter is calculated from the sum of retweets, favorites and replies divided by the profile’s own tweets.   The calculated interaction speeds are Utilised to monitor Various metrics like   Interaction Speed By Post Type each competitor:

SocialMediaMetrics Source:

Interaction Rate comparison with competitors:

SocialMediaMetrics Source:

There are also a lot of metrics available to measure changes in interaction rate by month, week, daily and even per hour.   Exactly why these metrics are important? Since they assist marketers to design their content promoting strategy by revealing them the moments of their audience and enable them to compare their brands together with their competitors.

3. Content Plan Metrics: These metrics give insights into the social networking marketer regarding content type, timing of submitting and key words. For example, with the following metric marketers understand Friday 2.00 pm is the ‘summit second’ in relation to interactions within the previous 6 months, to ensure for their brand they could select 2.00 pm when launch new campaigns.

Interaction Speed By Time

SocialMediaMetrics Source:

4. Audience Quality Metrics: These metrics include the percentage of returning users, frequency of activities, and the percentage of stocks or retweets. They assist the networking marketer to evaluate the social crowd of the characteristics of brand.

Since the Value of the operation has been increasing among marketers (particularly digital marketers), social media KPIs for content marketing strategies are shifting;

• From quantity of enthusiasts to unique engaged users
• From societal mentions to societal clicks
• From societal clicks to societal conversions

In order to shine social networking analytics, marketers can use lots of free social networking tools.